Mental Notepad

14 November 1980
I was born Nov. 14th 1980, so I'm a scorpio from the year of the iron monkey. My name is Ben. I'm a musical computer programming gamer that knows kung fu. I must warn all readers that my spelling and grammar suck, but i figure as long as you get what i'm saying, it's a successful communication. I tend to be a little long winded at times, but i just want to share my amazement with anyone that happens upon this.
agnosticism, ambiance, amusement parks, animals, anime, anxiety, art, astrology, astronomy, asynchronous meter, awareness, beer, bicycles, books, building, c++, camping, chemistry, chilling, classical, coffee, colors, companionship, complexity, composition, computers, consciousness, conversation, cooking, cosplay, cowboy bebop, crafting, dancing, drawing, dreams, driving, drums, dungeons and dragons, einstein, electricity, electromagnetism, electromagnets, electronics, emotion, everything, fantasy, fear, fibonacci, final fantasy, fission, food, fractals, freedom, friendship, fun, fusion, gadgets, galaxies, game music, games, geology, glasses, gravity, guitar, halloween, hanging out, happiness, heroism, hiking, humor, improving, independence, intelligence, interest, internet, irony, japan, java, jazz, keyboard, knowledge, lasers, learning, leds, legends, liberty, light, love, magic, magnetism, magnets, making, marching band, math, mental states, movies, music, nebula, nebulae, nikola tesla, nin, nobuo uematsu, open source, partying, pascal, patterns, percussion, philosophy, physics, piano, plants, psychology, reading, relationships, relativity, research, resonance, rhythm, riddles, rock, roller coasters, romance, sacrifice, saxophone, sci-fi, science, sculpture, seeking, sensuality, sex, singing, sleep, sounds, spirituality, star trek, stargate, stars, talking, technology, theory, to each their own, tool, understanding, video games, violin, wile e. coyote, women, writing, zombies